Freelance Creative Director & Designer, based in Austin, Texas.
Previously a full-time parent, and before that, an ACD at R/GA.   |   LinkedIn´╗┐

Samsung x Jay-Z

New York's biggest artist takes over New York's biggest billboards. We designed the app, which gave away one million copies of the brand new album, as well as dozens of Times Square billboards, utilizing and expanding the design language we used inside the app.

Design done at R/GA.

Summer is Serious 2

During the summer, basketball reigns supreme on streets around the world. We searched for the baddest street-ballers, gave them a heroic trading-card treatment, and celebrated them online. Once the baddest were found, NBA pros drafted teams and flew them out to Barcelona for the most serious game of streetball ever. 

Creative direction & design done at R/GA.

Lavatory Mists

Leaving behind a stench in the bathroom is stressful. But really, it's pretty normal, so let's at least try to make it fun(ny) to remedy.

Design & illustration done for BlueQ.

Red Rock Deli
U.S. Launch

This is a bold-flavored chip that needed a bold US launch campaign. For a brand new product, we need you to feel the flavors before you've even tried them. Animations & murals introduced you to the feeling of Red Rock Deli's flavors, and made sure you know what packaging to look out for on the store shelves.

Creative direction & design done at R/GA.

Red Rock Deli
U.S. Launch OOH

Creative direction & design done at R/GA.

Come As You Are

This one-of-a-kind brand deserves one-of-a-kind ads. Built to be completely flexible, and match the vibe of each silhouette, consumer, and placement. All to celebrate those who are fearlessly themselves.

Creative direction & design done at R/GA.

Soda Sense
The Exchange

When your home soda-maker runs out of CO2, you need a convenient way to get more. Soda Sense offers the fastest, cheapest way to get canisters, but they had a hard time explaining it in a simple & interesting way. So, we did that.

Creative direction & design, with the help of the incredible Wes Richardson.

Soda Sense
Toucan Club

Everytime you exchange two empty cans of CO2 for two fresh cans, your earn status in the Toucan Club. That status earns you brand merch that you will actually use/wear, and will actually make people want to know more about the Soda Sense brand.

Creative direction & design done for Soda Sense.


Kyrie Irving is one of the most unexpected players in the NBA, so to launch his brand new shoe, we introduced the world to some of his most unexpected moves. Our team branded five of these moves, and brought them to life as special edition colorways of the Kyrie 2, short films, and custom shoe boxes.

During this project, I proposed a Periscope stunt where Kyrie would sing whatever karaoke songs users requested. The name, Kyrie-oke, stuck around a lot longer than the stunt did, and became the official name of this colorway. Look mom, I named a Nike!

Creative direction & design done at R/GA.

The Haunting of Hill House

Creative direction & design done for Netflix.

Order Ahead App

Creative direction & design exploration done at R/GA.