Verizon —
Theory Wars

Verizon — Theory Wars

Roles: Illustration, Design, Storyboarding

There was a lot of mystery around Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What's happened to all our favorite characters in the last 30 years? Who's that new dude? What's that round thing? Sadly NDAs were very tight, and we didn't know either – So theories are all we had. On social, fans shared their theories, and we animated our favorites.

Theory: Kylo Ren collects novelty lightsabers. 


Theory: R2-D2 owns a holographic cineplex.

Theory: BB-8 is controlled by a hamster. 


Theory: Luke Skywalker has grown an epic Jedi beard.


Theory: General Organa finally gets her own Lightsaber.


Theory: Chewbacca is now a holochess master.

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